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HASCOL is fast developing its retail network under HASCOL brand name and already operating 570+ retail outlets across Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir.

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HASCOL state of the art FUEL CARDS are now available to provide better quality and service. Hascol Fuel Cards are YOUR PASSAGE TO QUALITY FUELS. Follow the passage and avail the benefits of quality and services BEYOND ORDINARY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for HPL Fuel Card?

It is for everyone, Individuals, Corporate entities, Banks, Fleet operators.

What if my fuel card is lost?

Immediately call on dedicated 24/7 helpline No. 021-111-657-657 and get it blocked.

How can HPL fuel card add value to my business?

Secure cashless transaction, allocation of fuel budget, tracking of transaction thereby reducing the risk of pilferage, GST invoice.

What if my card is not accepted at HPL fuel station?

In such cases the following may be the reasons:

* Maximum limit assigned to card has been reached.
* Card could be product or fuel station specific.
* Card is blocked.

You may call the helpline for any further queries / assistance.

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