Fuchs Lubricants

Corrosion Preventives


FUCHS’ ANTICORIT corrosion preventives are the result of intensive research and development in co-operation with key manufacturers in the steel, automobile and roller bearing industries. As a consequence, they will reliably protect bare metal surfaces of machinery, tools and components and, whilst being easy to apply they are also easy to remove. They are compatible with all materials and substances generally in use and will not interfere with prior or post application manufacturing operations. In addition, they are non-toxic and ecologically safe.

This comprehensive range of corrosion preventives also has superior characteristics which guarantee that they offer exactly what is required. ANTICORIT corrosion preventive oils, in the European steel and automobile industries for example, have set the quality standard for many years. In addition, FUCHS’ VCI technology has the ability to solve complicated storage, packing and transportation corrosion problems.

The ANTICORIT Prelube range provides corrosion protection together with metal drawing properties in one product thus presenting process simplification and rationalisation potential.
This comprehensive line of ANTICORIT products, and the international know how of FUCHS’ development chemists and application engineers is available to satisfy all possible applications.
The development of our state-of-the-art products combine human, technical and environmental aspects.