Our product program comprises more than 10,000 products and related services in the following key categories

Titan Engine Oils Engine oils for passenger cars, mixed fleets, commercial vehicles, Oils for Stationary Industrial Engines (Diesel and Natural Gas) GT1, Supersyn, Unimax Ultra, Cargo, Truck Plus, Diesel Plus and other series. Universal HD and XT series Ganymet LA, Ganymet Plus and Ganymet Ultra
Titan Transmission Fluids Gear oils for passenger and commercial vehicles, multifunctional gear oils for construction machinery, automatic transmission fluids Supergear S, MP, LS and Hyp series Cytrac SL, RR and Ultra series Utto series ATF 4000 – 6000 series
Titan Hydraulic Fluids Central hydraulic and power steering ZH, PSF and HYD series HYD MR and HYD series
Silkolene Motor Cycle Lubricants Race, ride and off-road motorbikes Pro, Comp, Quad and Scoot series


FUCHS SILKOLENE World’s leading Motorcycle oil brand.

FUCHS Silkolene is the world’s leading motorcycle oil brand delivering ultimate performance and protection. An early partnership was with Honda UK motorcycle race team. With positive market exposure, coupled with a very high degree of research and development (R&D), and success in competition, Silkolene products became the market leader in the world and gained a very high international reputation.

Fuchs and Silkolene in Motorsports

Fuchs has a strong worldwide presence in motorsports, particularly in Europe and the USA. In the 2-wheel automotive segment, the Fuchs Silkolene brand sponsors many different classes of motorcycle racing, including:   Prototype based racing: MotoGP Production based racing: SuperBike and SuperSports Other world class racings: World SuperBikes, World SuperSports and British SuperBikes   The brand has also been involved with Motorcross, and Speedway. Fuchs has a current long term partnership with Kawasaki motorcycles, although they also sponsor HondaSuzuki and Yamaha.   Silkolene have also participated in the Isle of Man TT races, arguably, the toughest test in the world for any motorcycle.

Fuchs sponsor and are oil technical partners for the Australian Mercedes engine based Erebus V8 Supercar team.   ** Fuchs Silkolene also dedicated many years on technical cooperation with the US Air Force, and was also involved with the supersonic passenger aircraft, Concorde.

The company amassed expertise with synthetic lubricant technology, and Silkolene became a recognised world leader in the field of synthetic lubricants, including esters.   Synthetic lubricant technology continued, and in the early ’90s, developments continued to include Aerospace engineering, along with motorsports, including rallying and motorcycle racing.

TITAN SUPER GT High-performance, gasoline engine passenger cars oil

TITAN SUPER GT is premium quality multi-grade oil for Gasoline Engines with and without Turbo charging. It meets service requirements of the API Engine Service Classification SL., TITAN SUPER GT 20W-50 and 10W-30 bear API donut. They are also certified by Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO) and bears a SASO quality seal.


  • Improved high temperature deposit control
  • Excellent protection against wear
  • Protects against Bore Polishing
  • Protects against sludge formation
  • Compatible with gaskets and seals

Specifications API SL/CF  

TITAN SUPERSYN SAE 5W-40 Ultra High Performance, fuel-economy oil for a variety of vehicles with or without extended service intervals. Optimum cold starting and lower oil consumption.

TITAN SUPERSYN 5W-40 represents the multifunctional engine oil of the TITAN SUPERSYN engine oil range.It is based on innovative engine oil technology. The modern and reliable additive technology secures best performance at all running conditions.

This up to date Ultra High Performance Engine Oil can be used al over the year. The good cold flow properties of TITAN SUPERSYN 5W-40 are ensuring fastest lubrication at all parts of the engine. Friction and wear will be sustainable reduced and by that the fuel efficiency improved.

TITAN SUPERSYN 5W-40 guaranties engine durability and improved oil pressure under city cycle mode as well as under top speed highway running conditions.


  • Multipurpose use in many different cars
  • Good cold start performance
  • Very good engine cleanliness
  • High thermal stability.
  • Fuel savings at all running conditions
  • Low evaporation loss
  • Improved oil pressure
  • Sustainable wear protection for all engines


  • ACEA A3/B4


  • MB-APPROVAL 229.3
  • VW 502 00/505 00

FUCHS Recommendations

  • FIAT 9.55535-H2/M2/N2/Z2

HEAVY DUTY DIESEL ENGINE OILS   TITAN TRUCK PLUS SAE 15W-40 High Performance oil for a variety of diesel and gasoline engines. Specially for Highly loaded commercial vehicle diesel engines. Lower oil consumption

TITAN TRUCK PLUS SAE 15W-40 is a super long  term, all-season  engine  oil  of  the  SHPD category for diesel and gasoline engines with and without turbo-charging in passenger cars, trucks, buses and industrial equipment that have high requirements with respect to engine cleanliness and maintenance intervals. TITAN TRUCK PLUS SAE  15W-40  complies  with  and/or  fulfills  and exceeds  the  requirements  of  American  and European  engine  manufacturers.

TITAN  TRUCK  PLUS  SAE  15W-40  has  a significantly  more modern  alloy  than  the  usual HD engine oils of the same SAE class. Independently of the odometer reading, all commercial vehicle diesel engines can be changed over to TITAN TRUCK  PLUS  SAE  15W-40  without  flushing.

TITAN TRUCK PLUS SAE 15W-40 can be used even with higher sulfur content in the diesel fuel, while with the usual HD engine oils this can often lead to considerable problems. TITAN TRUCK PLUS SAE 15W-40 is best suitable for use in EURO 3 engines.

FUCHS Recommendations   ALLISON C-4 CAT TO-2 CASE MS 1121 IVECO 18-1804 CLASSE T2 E7 DAF CUMMINS CES 20071/2 STEYR A-201 NH 330 H


  • ACEA E7
  • API CI-4
  • CAT ECF-1-a/ECF-2

TITAN DIESEL PLUS 15W40 High-performance oil for a variety of diesel engines. Specially for highly-loaded commercial vehicle diesel engines.  

TITAN  DIESEL  PLUS  15W40  has  been  specially formulated to possess the high detergency, dispersancy, wear protection and acid neutralizing capacity needed to satisfy  the  stringent  requirements  of  the  new  API specification CF-4. The  product  fully  meets  the  requirements  of  engine builders such as CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, DETROIT DIESEL, MACK, and MERCEDES BENZ etc.

TITAN DIESEL PLUS 15W40 can be used in all direct injection (DI) diesel engines in operation today except where  SHPD  or  Zinc  free  oil  is  specified  by  the engine manufacturer.


  • API CF-4 / SJ
  • ACEA E2 / B2 / B3 / A3


  • MAN M 271
  • MB-APPROVAL 228.3


Fuchs Antifreeze Summer Coolant Cis based on Ethylene Glycol  and  is  fortified  with  anti-rust  and  anti  corrosion additives. It is dyed for ready identification. It has a very low  freezing  point  and  provides  efficient  heat  transfer  at high  engine  operating  temperatures. Fuchs  Antifreeze Summer  Coolant  C gives  effective  protection  to  the cooling system against rust and corrosion. Fuchs Antifreeze Summer Coolant C is available in 100%, 50% and 40% concentrations.

TITAN SUPER GEAR HYP Gear Oil according to API GL-5

TITAN SUPER GEAR HYP range is formulated in multi-viscosity  and  single  viscosity  grades  to provide  complete  coverage  of  commercial  and passenger  car  vehicles  for  all  operating temperature conditions. These lubricants are formulated utilizing a modern additive system to provide a high level of Extreme Pressure  (E.P.)  performance  and  oxidation resistance.  The  superior  quality  base  oils  used allows blending the 80W90, 85W90 and 85W140 grades without the use of viscosity index improvers or thickeners.

TITAN SUPER  GEAR  HYP, in both  multi-viscosity and  single  viscosity  grades  provide  the  utmost protection in severe operations such as high ambient temperature, sustained high speed, low torque and shock  loading. Additional  additive  treatment enhances oxidation stability and protects against rust, corrosion and foam.

TITAN SUPER GEAR HYP may be recommended for bevel, spiral bevel and hypoid gear differentials, for spur gear and synchronous type transmissions and transfer cases, oil-lubricated universal joints and manually  operated  steering  gears.  These  gear lubricants  are  suitable  for  heavy-duty  service  in either on or off highway service. Specification/FUCHS Recommendations

  • API GL-5
  • MIL-L-2105D