Motorcycle Oils

World’s leading Motorcycle Oil Brand

FUCHS Silkolene is the world’s leading motorcycle oil brand delivering ultimate performance and protection. An early partnership was with Honda UK motorcycle race team. With positive market exposure, coupled with a very high degree of research and development (R&D) and success in competition, Silkolene products became the market leader in the world and gained a very high international reputation.

FUCHS and Silkolene in Motorsports
FUCHS has a strong worldwide presence in motorsports, particularly in Europe and the USA. In the 2-wheel automotive segment, the FUCHS Silkolene brand sponsors many different classes of motorcycle racing, including:

Prototype based racing: MotoGP
Production based racing: SuperBike and SuperSports
Other world class racings: World SuperBikes, World SuperSports and British SuperBikes

The brand has also been involved with Motorcross, and Speedway. FUCHS has a current long term partnership with Kawasaki motorcycles, although they also sponsor Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Silkolene have also participated in the Isle of Man TT races, arguably, the toughest test in the world for any motorcycle. FUCHS sponsor and are oil technical partners for the Australian Mercedes engine based Erebus V8 Supercar team.

FUCHS Silkolene also dedicated many years on technical cooperation with the US Air Force, and was also involved with the supersonic passenger aircraft, Concorde. The company amassed expertise with synthetic lubricant technology, and Silkolene became a recognised world leader in the field of synthetic lubricants, including esters.

Synthetic lubricant technology continued, and in the early 90s, developments continued to include Aerospace engineering, along with motorsports, including rallying and motorcycle racing.