Corporate Social Responsibility

Hascol Petroleum Limited believes in high Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility standards. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part at Hascol Petroleum. Our primary focus is to make a difference in society and give back to the nation. Hascol believes not only in business and financial performance but also operates as a good corporate citizen. We aim to build long term relationship with our clients, employees and community at large and practice active corporate citizenship through social service.

Apart from taking various initiatives in project related CSR, Hascol also does philanthropic contributions to the leading organizations serving society.

Currently we are supporting LRBT, Citizens Foundation, AKHUH, Karwan-e-Hayat and Welfare Aid. In future we plan to integrate more welfare Organisations on our panel, subject to due diligence and approval from Chairman and CEO. Compliance within the selection framework shall be thoroughly monitored for CSR activities.