Machike “A”

Hascol Bulk Oil Installation Machike “A” is the second storage facility of Hascol located adjacent to Total Parco Installation District Sheikhupura. It was completed successfully in May 2014 and was inaugurated by Honourable State Minister for Petroleum on 7 June 2014. Mr Mumtaz Hassan Khan  Chairman and CEO Hascol , Mr. Saleem Butt – Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer Hascol were also present at the ceremony.

This facility is constructed on 6 Acres Area of land and  is connected to PARCO TS-4 station via 10 inch Dia Receipt Pipeline which is 1.5 Km long. Recently, we have extended our Storage at this facility by constructing additional storage of2,500 PMG. Thus, increasing the total storage capacity of this storage facility to 6,000 MT HSD and 3,500 PMG.

Machike “B”

The commercial success at ground breaking level of Hascol Bulk Oil Installation Machike “A” became the very reason for the construction of another Storage Facility within Machike. This Facility, which has been named as Machike “B” comprises proposed Storage capacity of 25,000 MT HSD and 25,200 MT PMG upon 15 acres area of land near PSO Installation Machike. This Installation will be connected to PARCO TS-4 Station via proposed 12 inch Dia Pipeline which is 3 Km Long.