Hascol is one of the leading Oil Marketing Companies in Pakistan which is engaged in purchase, storage and sale of Petroleum Products such as Fuel Oil, High Speed Diesel, Gasoline, LPG and Lubricants. In Pakistan, challenges related to distribution of petroleum products arise from the fact that petroleum products are refined in only a few geographic regions whereas the demand  is  from all across the country. Following this trend, bulk storage and handling terminals are significant and thus play a strategic role in the supply chain management. Ensuring proper storage and delivery of high value refined products to the consumers is a key element in supply chain management. Keeping this in view, Hascol plans to construct oil storage facilities at different locations all around Pakistan starting in Shikarpur where the existing storage is 6,000 MT. An additional storage of 2,750 MT of PMG has been completed. After Shikarpur, the second storage facility was developed in Machike having a capacity of 6000MT. Further storage of 3,500 MT of PMG has been completed. Keeping in view the success of this Project, HASCOL has started developing a new Storage facility at Machike, the name of Machike “B” where the cumulative proposed product storage is  75,000 MT over 15 acres of land.

The third storage facility has been developed near Daulatpur City District Nawabshah where the existing product storage comprises 2,200 MT. An additional storage for 4,000 MT Product has been constructed. The fourth storage facility is located at Keamari by the name of HPL/ZY Terminal. The cumulative storage of this facility is 18000 MT . The facility is connected to Jetty Pipe line via 2.6 Kilometre 18 inch Tanker Discharge Line . This 18 inch pipline has the capacity to pump product from Bulk Oil Pier 2 & 3 to Terminal at 1,500 Tons/ Hour.

The development of Hascol’s bulk oil terminal at Keamari is the continuation of Hascol ’s aim to be the leader in Pakistan’s energy market .

Fifth storage facility is also available at Keamari at HASCOL’s Al-Abbas Terminal, which comprises storage of 16,000 MT. Sixth storage facility is available at Port Qasim comprising of 56,000 MT storage capacity.

The latest addition to our budding list of storages, Mehmoodkot Installation is established in Qasba Gujrat, 600 yards from the PARCO refinery. The holding capacity of the 6 Acre storage facility is approx 13,500 MTs of petroleum products including PMG (4,500 MTs) and Diesel (9,000 MTs). It is connected to PAPCO WOTS-3 Qasba Gujrat Mehmood Kot via 16 inch Receipt Pipeline of 5 km. This facility will efficiently supply fuel to Hascol’s retail and commercial network in the lower Punjab region.

New Projects:

Thallain Oil Village

Oil Village at Chakri interchange M-2 (Thallian Depot) first phase has been completed now. It is a joint venture of HPL/ FWO. Hascol is the first oil marketing company to construct Depot at Thallian.

Hascol Petroleum Limited has secured 15 acres of land in the oil village at Thallian with storage facility of 12,000 M/Ton PMG(1st phase) and 8000M/Ton HSD (1st phase). Total Capacity of this Terminal will be 68,000 MTs.