Our industrial lubricants are the result of the latest research and development, and carry many OEM recommendations.  Developed using latest technology, our lubricants are tailored to satisfy the challenging demands offering outstanding high performance, fuel-economy and wear protection.

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Anti-wear hydraulic Oil according to DIN 51524-2 

RENOLIN B oils are premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils made from highly refined base oils. They contain high quality additives which improve ageing resistance and oxidation stability. They guarantee excellent protection against wear and corrosion and provide good water separation properties.

They are designed primarily as superior heavy-duty antiwear hydraulic oils  for  use  in  modern  high-pressure hydraulic systems. 


DIN 51524-2: HLP

ISO 6743-4: HM

Denison HF-1, HF-2, HF-0

Vickers I 286-S, M 2950-S

Cincinnati Milacron P68, P69, P70

US Steel 126, 127


AFNOR NFE 48690 (dry) and NFE 48691 (wet) 


Excellent protection against wear

Good corrosion protection – steel

Good corrosion protection – copper

High oxidation (ageing) stability

Excellent demulsibility

Excellent multi-metal  compatibility  under-high temperature and/or water contamination

Excellent filtration behaviour (dry, wet)

Good performance at low and high temperatures and high loads

Good resistance to foaming

Good air-release/de-aeration properties



Very special industrial gear oils with extremely high ageing stability and excellent detergency (DD) – self cleaning action.

Special lubricants are designed to solve problems and to guarantee trouble-free working at severe ambient conditions. The products of the RENOLIN CLP PLUS series are special industrial gear oils based on high quality base oils and synergistically acting additives to improve aging resistance, load carrying capacity and wear protection. The RENOLIN CLP PLUS products offer extraordinary wear protection, they surpass the requirements in the standard FZG A/8,3/90 scuffing test as well as the more severe FZG test A/16,6/140 (double velocity – 16.6 m/s – and increased starting oil sump temperature – 140ºC). The RENOLIN CLP PLUS oils contain selected detergent / dispersant (DD-) additives which guarantee that contaminants like water, dirt and ageing products are kept in suspension. Even at an increased water content of about 2-5% water dispersed in the oil, the wear protection can be guaranteed.


Top performance,fuel-economy oil. Specially developed for extended drain interval

TITAN CARGO MC has a higher performance capacity than the usual high-performance engine oils. Internationally, this type of oil is designated as UHPD (UHPD: Ultra High Performance Diesel Oil). Regardless of the current service life, even older diesel engines can be changed over to TITAN CARGO MC without  flushing. It protects against corrosion even when high sulfur content diesel fuels are used. The performance of TITAN CARGO MC makes extremely long oil change intervals possible based on the truck manufacturer’s recommendations. According to the new Mercedes Benz fluids specifications MB APPROVAL 228.5,  an extended oil change interval is guaranteed for trucks in long distance and local use for the 900 and 500 engine series. 


Learn about synthetic lubricants

Zinc free hydraulic oils have steadily gained popularity over the last few years, and in many cases, the use of zinc free hydraulic oil is a must, especially in machine tools where hydraulic fluids can contaminate metalworking fluids. RENOLIN ZAF B hydraulic oils are zinc and ash free HLP hydraulic oils complying with DIN 51 524-2. RENOLIN ZAF B hydraulic oils have the following features:

Good oxidation stability and good resistance to ageing.

Powerful EP properties and very good wear protection.

Excellent corrosion protection.

Good air separation and low foaming.

Good demulsifying properties.

Good compatibility with sealing materials.


New Generation High Quality Turbine Oils

Renolin Eterna Turbine oils were developed for gas, steam, and expansion turbines as well as for turbo compressors with and without gearboxes based on the latest lubrication technology. The excellent properties of the hydro-finished Group-III base oils produced in a special process are enhanced using a carefully selected additive system.

RENOLIN ETERNA oils contain no metal-organic compounds and are therefore ashless. They provide a zinc-free wear protection.

Renolin Eterna is especially suited for use in turbine systems with a common control and lubricating oil circuit. It  can also be used as a bearing and sealing oil in hydrogen-cooled generators.

The Renolin Eterna range exceeds the most stringent industry specifications and approved by leading OEMs worldwide. 


Premium Rust and Oxidation (R &O) Oil 

RENOLIN DTA series is blended from highly refined, virgin base oils and high-tech additives. These oils have  excellent oxidation  &  thermal stability, rust & corrosion protection, antifoaming, air-release and demulsification properties. They can be used in hydraulic systems and gearboxes requiring mild EP properties. The ISO VG 32, 46, 68 grades are specially developed for turbine systems meeting GEK 32568F.

Specifications & Performance Levels

DIN 51524-1 HL

DIN 51517-2 CL

GEK 32568 F

BS 489 (CIGRE)

GEK 101941 A

Siemens/KWU TLV9013/04-01


Best suited for  turbine and high pressure compressors (with or without gearboxes).

Excellent Oxidation & thermal stability.

Rust & Corrosion protection.

Good water separation properties.

Good air release properties. 


Premium Performance Synthetic Engine Oil, zinc-free, for stationary gas engines

TITAN GANYMET ULTRA is a Premium gas engine oil and combines selected premium base oils with specially optimized zinc-free additives developed by FUCHS. It is applicable for operation with natural gas as well as with aggressive gases (sewage gas, landfill  gas,  biogases and wood gases). This zinc free product with medium sulfated ash content is suitable for all types of stationary gas engines.

The zinc fee additive technology offers very high wear and corrosion protection together with a reliable anti-ageing  and acid neutralization capacity so  that also in operation with the most aggressive gases an outstanding performance and a high degree of resistance against nitration and oxidation (oil ageing and thickening) is maintained. In addition, the formation of sludge, deposits, corrosion and wear are effectively prevented. 

OEM Approvals


CAT CG132, CG170, CG260

JENBACHER TA 1000-1109, A, CAT: series 2, 3, 4, 6 (Version E), B, CAT: series 2, 3

MAN M 3271-4

MTU Onsite Energy DK-BS-0001 (E, P, B)

MTU Onsite Energy DK-BS-0002 (B)

MWM TR  0199-99-02105 (DEUTZ  POWER SYSTEMS)



TEDOM 61-0-0281.1/L, B, S


Sugar Mill Bearing  Lubricants:

RENOLIN  CAL SERIES is a premium lubricant specifically formulated to meet sugar mill bearing and gear lubrication.

They are blend of  highly refined paraffinic oil and synthetic base. The additives package provides oxidation  resistance,  wear, corrosion protection and extreme pressure characteristic as well. The extreme pressure agents contain no lead.

RENOLIN CALSERIES do not contain any bitumen.

RENOLIN  CAL200 is specially designed for opengears requiring highly viscous and tacky lubricant.


Extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.

Good corrosion protection.

Excellent resistance to water and juice wash.

Excellent emulsion separation.

Good oxidation stability.

Low foaming tendency.


RENOLIN  CAL SERIES has been developed to lubricate cane sugar mill bearing and gear where resistance to water and juice wash is excellent.


Extreme pressure lithium grease

RENOLIT  FEP greases are multi-purpose extreme pressure Lithium based greases with EP additives. They also contain special inhibitors to increase ageing stability and  anti-corrosion  properties. RENOLIT  FEP greases have a very high resistance to mechanical loads, minimise wear under heavy and shock load conditions and give excellent protection against water washout and rusting. RENOLIT  FEP greases are available in NLGI consistencies numbers 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, & 3.

RENOLIT FEP greases exhibits good water washout resistance, coupled with a high dropping point. It is therefore suitable for the lubrication of both plain and rolling element bearings operating under high temperature,
high load conditions.


Water resistant extreme pressure grease for high loads and high temperatures

RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP  is a lithium complex grease capable of withstanding high thermal and mechanical loads. It has outstanding resistance to water washouts and provides excellent corrosion protection, work stability and resistance to ageing.

RENOLIT  DURAPLEX  EP  is primarily designed for the lubrication of steel roll mill bearings but is also ideal for the lubrication of high temperature bearings used in industry.


High temperature clay grease

RENOGEL BHT is produced using bentonite clay as a thickening agent in place of the normal metallic soap of conventional greases. This clay matrix will not melt and the upper working temperature is therefore limited by the physical properties of the oil.

RENOGEL BHT has excellent resistance to oxidation and high resistance to water washout. RENOGEL BHT  may  be used in the steel, cement, brick and chemical industry where operating temperatures are above the limits for conventional soap base greases. RENOGEL BHT can be used in the lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings  in  high  temperature applications such as hot gas fans / blowers, cement kilns, mill roll bearings, molding presses, laundry and dry cleaning equipment, etc.  It is available in NLGI No. 2 and No. 3 grad.