All process industries use lubricants as part of an effective preventative maintenance strategy. We can assist by providing an effective lubrication programme designed to maximise the efficiency of plant and equipment.

Each lubrication survey as a part of this high-tech programme is conducted with one simple principle in mind i.e. continuous improvement in plant productivity through lubricants.

Each survey can include:

A review of all the plant lubrication requirements.
A detailed photographic and visual survey of the full manufacturing facility.
A customised information folder.

Recommendations for condition monitoring schedules and proactive use of oil analysis system that that indicates lubricant condition, wear trends and sources of contamination.

Compilation of the data in formats suitable for all key maintenance persons.

Through this, we can help you track the performance and results of our products and services, helping you quantify the benefits to your business, which could include:

  • Extended equipment overhaul.
  • Less unscheduled equipment downtime.
  • Fewer replacement parts.
  • Reduced purchasing costs.
  • Less lubricant consumption and waste.
  • More effective maintenance control.
  • Safe and effective operation processes.


Controlled Engineering and Tribological service is a state of the art oil analysis program that incorporates the most modern test instrumentation and industry recognized and documented test methods to provide you with a sophisticated maintenance tool.

CENT’s staff of engineers and chemists is available to advise you on how to design an oil analysis program that can meet your goals by turning oil analysis data into equipment and lubricant knowledge. Deciding how frequently to sample, where to sample and what test to run are critical to achieving the maximum equipment uptime and life.

Assisting you to design your program is only the beginning. Our technical staff interprets the oil analysis data and turns it into information about lubricant and equipment condition. Each sample analysis that indicates an abnormal condition contains a recommendation for action to confirm and/or correct the problem.

Reporting the results can be done in variety of ways. Printed reports feature a traffic light status so you don’t waste time on reports that are normal. If the report is for an abnormal sample, 8 graphs and extensive numeric data insure that you can quickly see what the problems are. The same reports are available through the internet. Internet access permits you to get sample reports 15 minutes after they are completed. Software for your personal computer is also available. Extensive analytical tools are available to allow you to examine groups of similar equipment or identify common failure modes. Custom reports and graphs are available on both the internet and desktop software.

Analysis of used-oil samples taken at regular intervals by measuring critical parameters.

  • Identify wear components.
  • Identify contaminations.
  • Measure lubricant condition.
  • Monitor trends of wear and contamination.
  • Establish suitable drain intervals.
  • Equipment efficiency (Filters and Separators)