Mr. Syed M. Mujtaba Jafarey

Mujtaba Jafarey has over 30 years of global diverse professional experience in the oil and gas mid and downstream industries; and has held senior positions at multinational companies including Total Oil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore, Total Parco Pakistan Limited, and Shell Pakistan Limited.


A seasoned professional with sound judgment who has travelled widely and successfully multifunctioned

in various capacities in diverse environments and markets including, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Combodia, Fiji Islands, Bangladesh and France, Mujtaba Jafarey has a broad portfolio that includes green field projects, retail engineering, business development from new market entry to revitalizing existing networks, sales and operations, and petroleum marketing.


In addition to professional management of business operations, expertise includes business development, design and development of strategies for achieving long term organizational goals and competitiveness to create edge over other players; capital project planning, execution and delivery, capability development programs, design and development of training modules, delivery of projects in a safe environment, and management of operations of retail network as a separate business entity to successfully deliver profits from multiple retail operations.